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Squad Challenge - Ice Hockey (NES)

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Try to take as many shots as you can from the slot. The slot is the areas between the circles in front of the net.




Make sure you take that shot as well ESPECIALLY as soon as you successfully receive a pass from above or below where your player is in the slot. If the opposing goalie is toward the bottom of the crease, hold up while making the shot and down if he is higher in the crease.

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations Kid A!



SLAP!! Congratulations to Kid A! Kid A posted scored 20 goals and became our High Score Winner for this Squad Challenge! And a tremendous Honorable Mention goes to Starbuck66 with an incredible score of 29 goals that got in this morning after the challenge deadline. But Starbuck’s right! He shared his incredible score with us all, and he can post his high score to the Scoreboard any time! I’d encourage Starbuck and Kid A to do just that. Congrats to everyone who played! I'd encourage Kid A and Starbuck66 to post their high scores on the Scoreboard! Way to go guys!






:nintendo_mario_freezie: ICE HOCKEY FINAL STANDINGS :nintendo_mario_freezie:   




 1       Kid A                               20


 2       Starbuck66              10 (29)


 3       RickR                                5


 4       Atari Creep                       4

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