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OUT RUN Arcade Longplay - My World Record Attempt - Score: 49,262,090 - Exploring Arcades


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This is one of my most recent Out Run world record attempts. Played on an original Out Run arcade cabinet, Sega System 16 hardware, upright version. Final score is 49,262,090. This was the second best attempt of the day; visible on the hi-score screen is my best attempt that day: 49,601,060. Unfortunately, this run wasn't captured on video. Either score would rate #2 of the recorded scores on Twin Galaxies, and is approaching Twin Galaxies' world record score of 52,897,690 by Richard Jackson [achieved 02-21-1987].


The run captured in this video came after 9 hours of standing gameplay. Can't stop, won't stop, no half measures.




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