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Wife drives me home after my eye exam.

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???????????? I tend to shoot a lot of video and take a lot of pictures that I never actually get around to posting or sharing. I'm not sure why, other than being a forgetful scatter brain but this is one of them so I've decided to upload it while I am doing other things and I am going TO TRY to do this more and more. As such be prepared for possibly some non nonsensical or odd uploads, most of which will go in my Spur of the moment playlist. I figure at least it is SOMETHING, waiting until my head is in the right place or I am motivated to upload more appropriate content seems to result in huge gaps between uploads, this way you will at least know I am alive. Anyway, I got my annual eye exam back on September 24 or so and this was just a quick ride home afterwards. I may get a copyright strike due to what is playing over the radio, if that's happens I will simply delete the video so if you have any interest better watch it now LOL.





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