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Seeing Rowsdowers recent handheld pickups gave me the idea to post this, about the only one in my collection and not sure it really fits in the "handheld" catagory as it is pretty large lol (tabletop?) but here it is anyway my look at the Bambino Boxing videogame. 
Came across the original commercial as well!


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Keith Carlson ATARI DONATION video REDO !

As the title says, it had been bothering me since the original video I uploaded Sept 12th of last year because of back-lighting it was hard to see most of the items I was attempting to show. Now I have corrected that mistake with this video, while not perfect allows you to see all the Atari related goodness in clear detail. THANKS!



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Seeing Arenafoot post that awesome Ed Fries interview prompted me to post this video I did 5 years ago. My look at Halo 2600 Homebrew! 




Original Description.....


Sorry for the audio problems my camera SUCKS!
Halo for the 2600 Released at CGE! Download the game here!

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What are YOUR 4 Favorite Childhood Toys? 


I actually uploaded a new video today! :o  After 5+ months, it was not planned, I did not wake up thinking I would make a video today BUT I was watching another YouTuber I like who was making a response video on the subject of 4 Favourite Childhood Toys. I enjoyed it and also immediately it flashed in my mind some of my own great childhood toy memories. This inspired me so I thought oh what the heck, turned on my pocket cam and did a quick 1 take video off the top of my head (those type of videos are usually my best anyways lol) it  was a quick and simple video which I figured at the very least would be an indication to my subscribers that at the very least I was still alive. It was fun thought and gave me an excuse to do my first video of 2016. I may not necessarily be "back" yet but it did feel good and so there you have it. Here I will post the video and underneath the complete Video Description with links etc. So feel free to chime in on your own memories of favorite childhood toys you received way back when. Thanks.  :spot:  :beer:




Favourite childhood gifts VR to NoveBug's Friday Foursome #12
Vote for my video on Novabug's FB page here - https://www.facebook.com/Novabug/
This is my response to NoveBug's Friday Foursome #12 
see his original video 
Consider making your own response (2 weeks to go!) and remember if you DO a response make it to NovaBug and not ME. 
Also check out his excellent channel HERE for more Retro Gaming fun! https://www.youtube.com/user/Novabug
Got the idea only after just watching another favourite Classic Gaming Youtuber MonkeySpaz5000 who was doing a response as well. Be sure to check out his channel also as there is plenty more retro and classic gaming fun to be had!
I figured this would be a great spur of the moment video to do as
well for my viewers and subscriber's it serves the purpose of letting you all know I AM still alive at the very least lol. 
Maximumrd MonkeySpaz5000 NoveBug gaming classic retro toys

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I was the culprit on the generous package! :D


lol KEITH that was already posted on the previous page POST # 4  :rofl:


However, if your gonna repost it consider the improved updated version I re-did for you from now on where you can actually SEE the contents as I already did in post 29 above !  ;) 

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I've not made a new video in sometime but it occurred to me I should share some of my older videos in which I checked out some ARCADES ! We do not have much locally so when I had a chance in my travels over the years I took the opportunity. Hope you enjoy. 







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Hah well here is a couple videos, NOT NEW (THEY ARE FROM ABOUT 1 YEAR AGO) BUT I had never posted them on my main MaximumRD channel before today. I just uploaded them and so I share them here today. Another cheap ANDROID GAMING tablet, I love my previous JXD units but this model is by a company called GPD. What I find in general with these various cheaper import tablets is there is generally always something that is lacking. Compared to my JXD this unit seems to have a screen that is easier to scratch as well the WiFi connection seems weaker. That said for actual emulation and gaming they are pretty sweet with built in controller buttons and Dpad etc. Anyway here is an unboxing of the GPD unit followed later by a flashing of the default ANDROID firmware, this is something I do with all of these type of devices as the default firmwares while serviceable are often lacking compared to alternatives made available by homebrew developers like Skelton. 


Forgotten Video! Unboxing the GPDQ88+/Q89ANDROID Gaming tablet! 



Forgotten Video! Unboxing the GPDQ88+/Q89ANDROID Gaming tablet! One of a couple videos that I had never gotten around to posting on this my main channel. OK actually it IS the GPD Q89 but at the time of ordering I was expecting the Q88+, Willgoo seemed to take a long time to ship but it worked out as I ended up with this slightly upgraded Q89 model. Anyway, here is the unboxing in part #1 which I will immediately follow up with a Custom Fimrware Flash in part #2. Thanks for watching!


Forgotten Video! GPDQ88+/Q89ANDROID Gaming tablet! Flashing CFW.



Forgotten Video! GPDQ88+/Q89ANDROID Gaming tablet! Flashing CFW. One of a couple videos that I had never gotten around to posting on this my main channel. Here you will see me Flash the Default ROM with another of Skelton's awesome custom Android Firmware's , yes I decided to do that as they are always an improvement IMHO and better than the custom stock firmware typically shipped with these cheaper import tablets. 

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Back with a brand new video! Honestly my first video in a LONG time I have put effort into. Wanted this one to be special for all the classic competing fans . A tour of the U.S.S. Midway's Navigational computers featuring Univac, tape drives and ancient storage technologies. 




Here I was touring the U.S.S. Midway while visiting San Diego last year and I thought what an excellent opportunity to share some amazing old school computing tech. Here in the SINS (Ships Inertial Navigation System) Room I show you the tech that did amazing things (Univac, tapes drives, LOL memory oh my! ) despite being so underpowered. Also a display of some memory and storage options throughout history. Hope you enjoy, I wanted to branch out somewhat and this is the result.

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What have we here guys? Why, it's a brand new video hot off the press! Check out these items I have salvaged from Electronics Recycling!
Tales From Electronics Recycling # 2 
Original Description from Youtube : 
I'm back almost 2 years later with a second episode ! Well I have found more interesting and useful items that I saved from the recycling bin! Really cannot complain with the finds thus far. Check out what I got and thanks for watching! 
Be sure to check out the first episode if you haven't already which can be found HERE - 
Tales From Electronics Recycling # 1 

Published on Jul 2, 2014
Having recently discovered a local Blue Electronics / Small Appliances Recycle bin I am hoping for this to become a long and happy series of cool and interesting finds ! Any usable (or possibly usable) computers, gadgets, electronics, accessories I find I will be displaying in this series.
:spot:  :beer: 

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Yep finally a new video, nothing too special but still a little fun. It's short so have a look. 


Description - Published on Oct 21, 2016

Contrary to popular opinion I AM NOT DEAD lol. Here is proof that I am still alive as I take you for a little stroll to the ELECTRONICS RECYCLING BIN to see if there are any goodies. Much to my surprise I drop the camera while filming DOH! Share in the adventure! OK not much of an adventure but still a bit of fun and hey you can check out the beautiful October scenery on our property.


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