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Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 for PS4 and XB1 and...

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Have any of you guys heard anything about Volume 3 coming out? It actually releases tomorrow! 1st I've heard anything about it! The game list is very interesting! Like the last 2 volumes, this also has 50 games.


Adventure II (2600)

Air Raiders (2600)

Aquaventure (2600)

Armor Ambush (2600)

Asteroids (5200)

Astroblast (2600)

Atari Baseball (Arcade)

Atari Basketball (Arcade)

Atari Football (Arcade)

Atari Soccer (Arcade)

Avalanche (Arcade)

Canyon Bomber (Arcade)

Centipede (5200)

Countermeasure (5200)

Dark Cavern (2600)

Destroyer (Arcade)

Dominos (Arcade)

Final Legacy (5200)

Fire Truck/Smokey Joe (Arcade)

Frog Pond (2600)

Frogs and Flies (2600)

Holey Moley (2600)

International Soccer (2600)

Maze Invaders (Arcade)

Micro-gammon (5200)

Millipede (5200)

Miniature Golf (5200)

Missile Command (5200)

Monte Carlo (Arcade)

MotoRodeo (2600)

Pool Shark (Arcade)

Realsports Baseball (5200)

Realsports Basketball (5200)

Realsports Football (5200)

Realsports Tennis (5200)

Realsports Volleyball (5200)

Saboteur (2600)

Sea Battle (2600)

Sky Diver (Arcade)

Space Attack (2600)

Star Raiders (5200)

Star Strike (2600)

Super Breakout (5200)

Super Bug (Arcade)

Super Challenge Baseball (2600)

Super Challenge Football (2600)

Sword Fight (2600)

Wizard (2600)

Xari Arena (5200)

Yars' Return (2600)


I know some of these games were never released like asteroids, final legacy, microgammon, millipede, miniature golf, and XARI ARENA (!) Which I'm excited about. That game is pretty fun. There's some unreleased 2600 games as well!


And also coming out for the switch is Atari Flashback Classics containing 150 games. I can't find a games list for that, but I'm hoping it's all 3 volumes in one package!



I found out about it here...


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