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Video 61

Delta Space Arena now available for the atari 5200

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we are pleased to announce the release of our 5200 game, Delta Space Arena. it is $39.95. shipping free if you live in the u.s.a.

 please specify in your order if you live in the u.s.a.

 if you do not live in the u.s.a., please give us your country of origin for a shipping rate.

 we will only be taking orders via private e-mail. our e-mail address is,


 this e-mail address is checked repeatedly daily.

this e-mail address is good also, but we only check it a few times daily,


 at this time we only accept paypal.

 we do not have the game listed yet on our web site, due to time constraints, we will work to get it listed soon.

 we only made 12 Delta Space Arenas so far, because we are so pressed for time, we are already working on our forth and fifth 5200 release's.

 so it may take some time before we can do a second run of Delta Space Arena.

here is a video of the game, its a early look, the game has been finished, no changes to the look.





please also note that we have changed hosting sites for our web site. the official web address now is, www.atarisales.com











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