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Autobiography of a Schnook

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In the first release of December 2020, we look inside the mind of a 14-year Chicagoan, God help us all. In this chapter:
About a Schnook – Does he live quietly? What are his personal habits?
Music For Schnooks: Rubber Schnook – An approach to a classic Beatles album. British version? American version? A hybrid?

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Wait...wasn't there just a new episode a few days ago? Well, yeah, but...let's talk about 1990. It was a time when we needed to pray just to make it today. (Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.) In this episode:

  • The Year That Was 1990 - and how a teenage schnook deals with a new school and a new job
  • Music for Schnooks - How a simple Christmas present changed an angsty teen's life forever


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