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Sony PSP UMD Movies


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Do we have any other fans of movies on the PSP here?  I've put together a pretty nice collection -- I'm up to 39 movies so far.  I started collecting when I decided to give up on Laserdiscs.  The LD's took up way too much space.  PSP movies take up much less.  And, I  know I'm slow to catch on....I only recently discovered that there was a cable to allow composite output from the PSP to a TV!  Sweet!



PSP Movies 003.JPG

PSP Movies 001.JPG

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Mine is a 3000, and one of my kids has the 2000 model. 

I think they all have a cable available -- the 1000 version has a specific one, and the 2000/3000 use the same one.  I got mine from a Chinese eBay seller, and it works just fine.  The one think I've discovered is that you have to go into the system settings and change the video output when you want to use the cable.  It resets that setting when you turn the PSP off. 

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Well shiver me timbers...it looks like they use the same cable.  See if there's a little slot next to your headphone jack.  If yes, then the cable is the same.  Sorry for the misinformation.

Here's one:



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