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Basic Fun "Oregon Trail" Handheld

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"The Oregon Trail" handheld game by Basic Fun -- sold at Target.  I got one on Black Friday and finally had a chance to play it this week. 

My overall impression:  It's a lot of fun for those who remember the game.  My high school had a lab full of Apple II computers that had this game, so I have fond memories.  Maybe that's why I like it so much.  The screen is very nice, and I like the solid/substantial buttons.  My first attempt -- I lost two of five party members, but made it to Oregon.

On the down side:  It only plays one game.  It's too bad they didn't add a few other classic MS-DOS or Apple II games.  And the $25 price is way too high for what it is.  I got it on BF for $16, and that feels like a much better price point. 



Here's and LGR review on Youtube too: 



Anyone else have one of these, and what did YOU think?



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I was just talking about Oregon Trail yesterday and completely forgot about this little handheld. I've seen somebody post about this before and meant to pick one of these up but completely forgot about it. Might need to put this on my Christmas list ❄️

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