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Suprise in my Bowling box


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I don't know why I never noticed this before.  I was adding a manual to my Atari Bowling box and noticed something kind of cool.  Whoever had this box before me wrote down their high scores on the top flap!  The box is pretty beat up, but I think these scores make it pretty neat.





barnstorming 011.JPG

barnstorming 010.JPG

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How cool. I've run into similar scores in years passed. I always thought of them like finding cave paintings or hieroglyphics. In 1994 when I was new to collecting I bought a used Atari 5200 with a few CIB games at a flea market. The game that stands out most in my mind was Centipede. If you look inside the manual for 5200 Centipede there is a blank page or two in the back with lines for jotting down your high scores. They had filled up most of that booklet with their high scores and dates from 1984. I thought that was a cool find. Once I got deeper into the hobby I found that wasn't entirely uncommon but I still think it's cool finding them. Maybe one day we'll have some sort of a High Score Challenge to beat ancient scores we've found written inside boxes and manuals.

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