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Let's Imagine a World Without Emulation

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I first discovered emulation in the early 2000s.  I picked up MAME and a few ROMs.  It was fun to discover.  Since then the emulation world has exploded.  Some good, some not so good.  I liked them because it gave me an opportunity to explore games I couldn't find or never heard of.  It also allowed the exploration of games other regions received that never made it to other parts of the world.  

But emulation is used so much that, in my opinion, has become overkill.  Arcade systems made with MAME are awesome but the smaller things like AtGames stuff have below par emulation.  One emulation will never do is replace customs developed hardware.  Jaguar has never been emulated properly, Atari computer and 5200 emulation still have color issues, and Genesis sound has never been as good as the real thing.  On XBOX arcade Wolfenstein 3D the sound and music plays back at a much lower pitch, making it sound like a tape dragging.

I use emulation just to try before I buy games.  Other than that, for me, emulation will never take the place of real hardware.  The real thing will always be top dog.

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I have no shame at all when I say I've downloaded roms off the internet. If that makes me a thief, so be it. At least I'm a thief who's actually enjoying myself. 

I downloaded roms of the entire Wii Virtual Console library when I learned the WiiShop was closing. No shame. My only problem is I hate playing classic console games on a computer with a keyboard. It's a right pain in the neck.

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