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FROGS / Zatacka ST boxed is BACK!

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Big hands up to all ATARI ST fans! FROGS + ZATACKA ST + ST4PLAYER Joystick adapter and more ATARI ST boxed games and other stuff is now available:

A webshop dedicated to ATARI ST games! J in 2018! Have fun!!!

And in case you haven´t heard about it: FROGS is a 4 player party game (www.hd-videofilm.com/frogs) But the boxed version comes with instructions how to unlock the MEGAPARTY MODE for up to 6 player action.
And if this is not enough, it also comes bundled with Zatacka ST (www.hd-videofilm.com/zatacka) – for more 4 player action.
And the ST4PLAYER adapter is compatible to several classic multiplayer player games – like Gauntlet II and Dynablaster just to name a few.
(all games will continue to be free to download from their websites - donations welcome)

FROGS full review

Please share the news!

Disclaimer: I have red several times, that everything looks so professional. YES, I am a professional film-editor and marketing guy, and I like my things stand up to my own standards. But please keep in mind, that everything in the background is handled manually by me. I am not Amazon or Ebay so things may take a little longer. But I will try my best to give every ATARI ST fan a great and fun time!

Retrobox Collection.jpg

Retrobox screenshot small.jpg

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Great reviews und unboxing videos on FROGS + Boxed Version!


Gears of Games:
(Unfortunatly the colours in the menu are off in this video - please start FROGS from ST-LOW resolution to avoid this Problem! There is a warning at the beginning of the game, if the resolution switch detects this)

Unboxing at Jungsis Corner!

Have fun and party!!!
Boxed Version at http://www.hd-videofilm.com/retrobox

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Or better to say: Jan has completed the second batch of 4-Joystick adapters!

So FROGS is gain ready for being ordered and shipped at www.hd-videofilm.com/retrobox

And of course the free download is also available – with a lovely little “DONATE” button on its side. 😄

So have fun and FROG UP YOUR LIFE!

P.S.: If you play FROGS at a party, make some videos! I would love to see a party review!!!

Frogs is Back.jpg

ST4PLAYER Frogs is Back Small.jpg

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