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Replaced a Nintendo DS Lite case


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I wanted to share a little project I just finished.  I had a pink DS-Lite with a broken hinge and decided to swap out the case with a gold Zelda case. 

It turned out very well.  But it ended up being very difficult.  There's so many delicate parts inside the DS that it took me several hours to get this done properly.  Those shoulder buttons are a pain to get back in properly.  And that ribbon cable for the top screen....OMG. 

It turned out nicely and works well.  I'm most likely going to list this on ebay soon.  If anyone here is interested, PM me.  Special deals for atari.io members.


47682077_10205512922818136_5409681372837052416_o - Copy.jpg

zelda ds 005.JPG

zelda ds 009 - Copy.JPG

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