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Matthias did an excellent job with this! This looks like a really nice port. Label and manual look superb. I always wanted Frogger for the 7800. This is one of those earlier arcade games that ports really well on the 7800, much like what Pac Man Plus has been doing.

Thanks for the site shoutout Willie! I love what you did with the logo 🤖

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A little late to the thread but better late than never.

I had 2 Commodore PETs, one was an 80 column.  Picked them up for one XEGS.  I didn't realize what I had at the time and regret doing it now.  I never knew it got anything like Space Invaders.  Hell, I called Commodore and asked them about any games made for PETs.  They laughed at me.  Those were the first computers my elementary school bought.  I still remember playing some sort of gold mining game on it.  All of the machines were in a dedicated room and networked to a CBM PET with one of those large dual floppy drives.  Computers used a Mupet network.

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