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Ideas for storing and organizing old video game magazines?

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I’m looking for organized storage solutions for magazines. Something that looks attractive on a bookshelf, keeps magazines crisp, and is easily accessible so I can pull magazines out at any time.

I’m adding old video game magazines to my library of books and would like to preserve them as best as possible and still have them easily available for reference. They will be catalogued on a shelf. These are old video game magazines from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, think GamePro, Nintendo Power, etc. I don’t want to just stack them up in a loose pile or throw them in a heavy box. I will be organizing them by date and would stand them up between book ends like I do with National Geographic, but video game magazines are pretty flimsy and would probably fall down. Looking for good suggestions. Thanks!

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I've got some ideas for you.

First is to use banker boxes.  They fit most magazines perfectly.  Downside:  You can't see the contents.  That cardboard box on the left is one I grabbed from my father's estate.  Vintage 1960.  It's awesome to me.  It slides out of the sleeve.  I think they still sell them like this.  I need to make a fancy label.


Second idea is these cardboard half-boxes.  They sell these at most office stores.  Very handy.  And you can see the contents. 


Finally, I use old wooden crates.  They are pretty much indestructible.  Look at all those MAD magazines from the 80's that fit in that thing!



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They also make those cardboard style ones in other materials like plastic and metal. 
If I had the shelf space, that's the way I would go.

Right now however, half my magazines are in an over-sized white cardboard box, similar to a comic book box, and the other half are in a Huggies box (almost perfect fit!). In both cases, they stand up and down, rather than sitting in a stack.

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