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3 SMS Versions in 1 Picture


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I find it fascating, the v2 of the SMS because it resembles the unreleased Atari Panther so much and I had only just recently stumbled upon the fact that Sega even made a second version of the SMS and it wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I even knew the SMS existed. Very cool 😃

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On 1/26/2019 at 10:05 AM, RickR said:

I'll save the Game Gears for another post.  I have one of the Majesco GG's. 

I also love the look of the OG SMS.  You nailed it:  black wedge with red splotch = eye catchy for sure. 

I'm younger than a lot of you and was still a kid when the Sega Master System was out. My friend was the one with the SMS when it was new and lived in "the biggest house in the neighborhood". It was a very interesting home, his mom designed the house herself with their family in mind, which was pretty large and included extended family living in their home. The house had "wings" of long hallways with sliding pocket doors and a few bedrooms and a bathroom off of each wing. This became the house where all of our friends would meet up and and spend the night at. It was like a hotel!

This is the same friend and house I wrote about in the California Games Anthology here: http://www.atari.io/atari-lynx-california-games-3/

I can't tell you how many times my friend and I, as kids, would use the Master System model 1 Power Base as our "control center" to open and close the sliding doors, launch torpedos and control other imaginary functions. We'd pretend the house was a starship, spy base, "cat prison" (don't ask) you name it. In their house they had those long vertical blinds on tall windows and sliding doors that lead outside. Those blinds are always weighted at the bottom with little metal pieces the size of a credit card. We'd pull those out and put stickers on them and they'd become our access cards to get us through doors, past the checkpoints we'd set up in our spy base next to the kitchen and just past the grandfather clock that led into the cat prison. Once we'd get back to the Master System we'd slide those cards into the card slot of the Master System to "check in" to base, which in hindsight I'm sure was awful for that poor Master System. That red control panel on the face of the original Master System  was a thing of beauty. It wasn't much more than a decorative overlay placed over a power light, but to us it was like a control panel from Star Trek. It inspired our imagination beyond belief and gave that underdog game system some real personality.

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