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Cooter's Place: The Dukes of Hazzard Museum


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Guess what? Today is the 40th anniversary of The Dukes of Hazzard! So how about a thread about Cooter's Place?

Last spring I visited Cooter's Place in Nashville, TN. It is a Dukes of Hazzard museum and souvenir shop owned by Ben Jones, who played Cooter in the series. There are also locations in VA and other parts of TN as well, and it's not uncommon for them to have former Dukes stars come to sign autographs.

Here's a photo tour of my visit:


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That's a great little tour NSG! I LOVE seeing stuff like this posted in the forums! Weekend adventures, trips to distant lands, arcades, tourist spots or even just a small glimpse into our day. I think it really adds something special here.

I used to love the Dukes of Hazard when I was young. What little boy doesn't like fast cars, jumps and crashes? Especially when nobody's getting hurt. I've seen Ben Jones in recent years on TV and he seems to do a lot to keep the memory of the show alive which is nice. I always love when actors who were involved in a classic TV show (who probably don't get paid much or receive any residuals) love their character and the show they were on long after its run. Thank you for sharing this!

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Also it's cool that Coleco made the Dukes of Hazard pedal car (6:10) in addition to the video game. I always wishes Atari had dabbled more in "toys" of some sort. The ability of Coleco to market toys alongside video game systems, cartridges and mini arcades was a big draw to IP holders like MCA Universal or Nintendo. Atari kinda sorta almost got there with the little handheld games and Cosmos but none of that R&D stuff ever saw the light of day.

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I've been to the original Gatlinburg, TN location before it moved .... and the newer location too (which now has go-karts)!   He's got alot of memorabilia in there!!!


original cooters gatlinburg.jpg


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