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So, did anyone else have this or even remember it??? I lived in Boulder CO. in 96 and we had a thing called the Sega Channel. I think it was 6.99 a month on your cable bill. It came with a cart with a cable hook up that you put in your Sega. Pretty far ahead of it's time. Basically you got 50 games a month with unlimited play, kinda like Netflix today. It was a great way to keep from paying $50 for a crap game. I discovered so many great Sega games with it. Memories.

 "Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime."

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I'd heard about plans like that all the way back to the Invellivision days, but never knew any actually came to fruition.  That sounds like a great deal, Greenween.  Was there a menu on the Genesis to pick a game to play?  And how long did it take to load a game?

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