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New Gaming Rig


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I finally got a TV stand for my new place and hooked up some of my favorite consoles: a PS4 Pro, AVS, Saturn, Jaguar and 2600. I'm running the classic consoles through a RetroTINK to a 49" Samsung 4K HDR TV. It looks amazing! 

I did have my 7800 hooked up but the RetroTINK and the LHE mod don't seem to get along too well.  After about 20 minutes, I started getting really weird interference. The LHE mod is temperamental  so I'm going to try a simple modded 7800 eventually. 

Anyway, here are a few pictures. The screenshots are from my phone and do not do the picture justice. I also wanted to show my attempt at cable management to get everything off the floor. Because this TV stand has tall legs, it looked really messy at first. I even grabbed a wooden box for the power strips and bricks. 









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Wow @atarilbc I genuinely love this. What a stunning setup. This is exactly what I love to see and what I wish I had in my home. This looks like a great space to entertain in. You're able to invite people over and they aren't vaulted in by shelves of games and toys. It's the perfect Atari Day setup for a 4-Player game of Warlords! Everything wired nicely and game systems easily accessible whenever you want to power up and play. I love the mid-century modern furniture with the glass of wine. The credenza, glass table, the rug and coasters, that all sets the right vibe. And that view of the skyline outside Wow, just perfect. What a great space to entertain people. I'd love to see this when you have people over.

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