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Atari Flashback 9 is Awesome

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I thought I'd do a quick write up on the Atari Flashback 9, which has two features that make it VERY worthwhile.

  • It has an SD card slot (to load any game file you like)
  • It has HDMI output (razor sharp video on a flatscreen TV)

These two features work really nicely.  I am getting great output on my flatscreen (my pictures don't do it justice).  And we have all been clamoring for a 2600 that uses an SD card slot.  It does use emulation, but I think it's really well done.  I haven't noticed any sound or graphics glitches. 

I want to thank Arenafoot for his flashback portable gamepack (available from the AtariAge forums), as that's what I used on mine.  There is one small quirk I should mention.  The Flashback 9 won't load a file if there is a space in the filename.  I used a batch file renamer program to remove spaces from all of the files in Arenafoot's pack.  And BOOM, they all work. 

I bought mine used on ebay.  I think you can get them new for $60 or so on Amazon.  IMO, avoid the "Gold" version.  It comes with "wireless" controllers and I don't like the lag those introduce, plus they have to be aimed at the console.  

This product is made by atgames.  In this case (and also with the portable), they deserve a lot of credit and praise.  I really feel that this is an outstanding product. 

Let me know if you have any questions or need help in any way.



flashback 9 001.JPG

flashback 9 002.JPG

flashback 9 003.JPG

flashback 9 004.JPG

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I was thinking of getting one this year but (1) no paddle controllers, you have to McGyver your own. (2) I'm getting a Collectorvision Phoenix which will also play 2600 games via SD card and in HDMI but with the rumored cart adapter it should have 100% compatibility with homebrews. I'll see how future iterations of ATgames turn out but I've never been enamored with this company or its products plus in Canada these things are $100 and that's at least twice as much as I'm willing to pay for one of these things. If I see one in a thrift store for ten bucks I'd pick one up but I'm not putting a lot of money into one of these things. 

These arcade units they're making are intriguing but I'm half expecting it to be an expensive piece of junk. 

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