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XBOX LIVE Gets Crossed

Atari 5200 Guy

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I never thought I would live to see something like this.


XBOX Live to include Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.  Switch?  XBOX Live on Switch?  I'm trying hard to visualize this but I can't deny how much I feel this would be really cool.

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I agree.  But if they stick with the original name of the service I can understand why since the whole "Live" aspect started with the original XBOX.  Over the past year or two they have made some changes to the LIVE service on PC and XBOX (changed XBOX Points to Microsoft Rewards, etc.) so it would make sense to change the name to Microsoft LIVE for non-XBOX systems.  LIVE's email service has also become a part of the Outlook family as well.

The one thing that I applaud Microsoft for, something I never thought I would ever say or think of, is trying their hardest to bring cross platform gaming into a reality.  Online gaming has always been behind a wall and only for the platform the game is being played on.  I believe it is about time that it shouldn't matter which machine you play a game on in an online environment.  There's no longer any difference in how online games are presented, and current-gen consoles, not including Switch, are X86 architecture similar to modern PCs.  Switch is more like an Android/iOS tablet and I know XBOX has tried a few things in that department that have worked.  It all makes sense and it's about time to bring gamers together regardless of what system they play on. 

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