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Dragon's Lair for the TI-99/4A (Really!)

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There is a sale post over in the AtariAge forums.  It looks like a very nice boxed cartridge is $95 shipped.  I am considering it, and I know how much effort goes in to something like this.  However, the cost is probably a little steep for me personally. 



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   I remember when this one showed up in the arcade it looked amazing. They wanted 50-cents per play which was strike-one. Interesting technically but somewhere between a real game and a repetitive video due to its on-rails nature so....strike-two and three. Never was a big fan of the Laser Disk games for the on-rails aspect. My favorite Laserdisk "game" was Mad Dog McCree which holds up to this day.

I have Mad Dog for my Macintosh Perform running Mac OS8.6. The Mac version is an exact copy of the arcade version with the same video out takes, etc....just no handgun. 

   Still, amazing technical achievement getting this into a TI cartridge. 


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