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Soooo, a few weeks ago I picked up a Switch.

The only game I currently have is Civilization 6. 

I do plan on picking up Breath of the Wild & a few others.

Any immediate recommendations? 

Super Mario Odyssey is up there for me, along with Mario Kart & Smash Bros.

Is New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe a sequel/similar to New Super Mario Bros from the DS? (Which to me was a like a suped-up sequel to SMB 3)

Just looking to see what you all would recommend. I have 200GB memory card (thanks Amazon flash sale!) on the way and wouldn't mind a new game to add to the collection.

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I don't own a Switch but have been monitoring what it's getting.  I believe the New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is similar to the New Super Mario Bros Wii.  Fun game and you really can't go wrong with a Super Mario game.  Those are usually top notch.  I've been hoping that Switch would get a F-Zero game but I've not heard of anything yet.  

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