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Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

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JUSTIN!  Why did you pick this game?!?!  The issues I had with this game from decades ago are returning.  I am finding it very difficult to the game off for any reason.  I'm not sure if this was a good thing or not LOL.  I've got the tunes playing in my head when I sleep.  

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That ending theme is pretty good for a Mario game.  I have never forgot it or the other music in the game.  I really like the oriental-themed music on the boss levels.  It's one game I have really enjoyed revisiting during this challenge.  It's not too hard to beat once you get the hang of it.  And, yep, I beat it too after posting my last score.  So I can add that one to the list of 2019 game beat list ;)


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I did my best to compete on real hardware, which is always what I want to do, but sadly my Game Boy screen is on the fritz and I won't have time to repair it properly before the Squad Challenge ends. I managed to get 52,410 points playing on an emulator before I lost my first man. This is a great game and I would've loved to have kept playing! I might pick this game back up again and see if I can beat my score in the Scoreboard once I get my Game Boy working right, or at least get a substitute in my hands. Great scores all!

My High Score: 52,410



2019-03-14 20:46:14.406.JPG

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations RadioPoultry!


Congratulations @RadioPoultry on an excellent run! Super Mario Land is possibly one of the most important killer aps of all time, which along with Tetris helped launch the Game Boy to stratospheric dominance. For many of us this was the first Mario sequel we got to play, and we really loved joining Mario in a new adventure of ancient ruins, giant crabs, flying stone heads and strange creatures! I can never see the stone heads of Easter Island without thinking of playing this game out by the pool. 

Super Mario Land was our first GameBoy Squad Challenge, as well as our first Single-Life Run. I wasn't sure if we'd have a good turnout for our first Game Boy game, it was great to see so many of you jump in on this Challenge! @RadioPoultry won the Squad Challenge with a high score of 198,500. @Kid A was right on his tail with an incredible 181,390. @atarilbc brought his A-Game with his Lunchtime Unwinds, posting a high score of 87,510. @ThatBuffGamer posted an impressive 69,340. I showed up with @kamakazi20012, @Atari Creep and @RickR to post our best! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd encourage RadioPoultry to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! 

Our next Squad Challenge will be for the Atari ST. 2019 will be changing it up in High Score Squad with new challenges for Lynx, SNES, Genesis, Master System, Atari ST, Jaguar, 5200, TurboGrafx-16, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Game Boy and much much more, in addition to the usual lineup of video game systems. We may even have an Arcade challenge! Be ready to play all of these game systems, we'll be breaking new ground with more interesting Squad Challenges coming up very soon and throughout the year, and we hope to see you there. Way to go everybody!





1   RADIO POULTRY             198,500

2   KID A                                 181,390

3   ATARILBC                           87,510

4   THAT BUFF GAMER          69,340

5   JUSTIN                               52,410

6   KAMAKAZI20012             46,610

7   ATARI CREEP                    38,200

8   RICKR                                 15,680




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My apologies for being late to the party on this one, especially since I may have suggested the game awhile back. I had a score to post, but after being out of town last weekend (with no internet) and then dealing with a stomach bug upon my return, I am only now ketchup-ing (or is it catsup-ing?)

My single life run score wasn't super, but I did do something I never have done before: I beat the game!

It's not a hard game to beat, and I was close before and didn't realize it (only 4 worlds? wow), but this was the first time I actually tried some serious playthroughs.


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