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I found a new favorite modern game.  And it's a sports game.  So far, this one is my top-favorite sports game of all time.  It took only a few minutes of game playing to seal the deal for me.

I can see how this game won/was nominated for over 150 awards.  Cars, a ball, and a soccer field.  Why didn't anyone think of this before?  Oh well, it's here now to enjoy.  I've still got some learning to do.  It even has its own Twitch channel that's like watching an ESPN sports that pops up, in-game, at the main menu screen.  And the cars can be customized by colors, hats, antenna, decals, turbo, tires, and other things...all of which the player collects more of during the game with some offered as DLC content.  It's available on practically every platform out there and offers online playing with cross-platform online gaming.  My hats off to the developers.  Finally a modern sports game that is actually fun.

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Any game that starts out as an unknown project (I remember watching this title develop on Steam) and creates a league of its own where tournaments with scholarships are on the line then that should speak volumes about it.  I'm not as good as others but I really do enjoy the game.

Below is a link to a tournament where the champion got a $50,000 scholarship.  First game is about 30 minutes in.  Its on Twitch.  They hold live tournaments often.



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Anyone just getting this game be sure to go through the tutorials.  Those are valuable in this game.  And the game offers practice where you can improve your skills solo.  Just you and a ball.  No timer or components.  

I'm currently going through a local season.  I think I'm on week 17 with a 16-1 rating.  Yep, I lost a game.  No matter how hard I tried I simply couldn't get a goal.  Doesn't help when one of your AI team mates has no clue which goal to put the ball in.  I'm having a blast!!  

Side note: if you can opt for it I'd get the Ultimate Edition as it comes with I believe all cars...some of which are Batman cars and there's even a flying DeLorean in there.  I wonder where they got that idea?  Lol

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On 3/12/2019 at 4:26 PM, RadioPoultry said:

Maybe I should give this game a try. It sounds like the system requirements aren't too high. (I really need a new video card.)

As much as I like computers in general modern requirements make having a game console a bit more practical.  Unlike computer games where system requirements have to be met to play a game the game has to be made to meet a console's specs.  Its easier to grab a PS4 or XBOX One game than a PC game any more because you know it will work.

On 3/12/2019 at 4:28 PM, RickR said:

That implies this is available on PC?  I'll have to look for it then. 

Its available on Steam (Windows, MAC, Linux), XBOX, PS4, and Switch...and online play is cross platform.  On XBOX One I could play others on Switch, Steam, and I believe PS4.  Its worth the money to me.

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