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Your Desktop / Favorite wallpapers etc.

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Well, I'm always a sucker for anything that has that neon glow that TRON practically made standard.  So...

Rocket League HD Wallpaper

I've taken a real liking to Rocket League and its visuals are really outstanding.  And a few of the stadiums you can choose from look like they were ripped right out of TRON.  Impressive stuff.  This is my current desktop wallpaper.

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On 4/5/2019 at 7:01 PM, TrekMD said:

This is one of my favorites...


That photo of the Enterprise-C is gorgeous. This is how the ship was intended to look when designed by Andrew Probert. You can see this version of the Enterprise-C on the wall in the Observation Lounge in earlier seasons. Beautiful rendition here, super cool. 🖖

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My current iPad wallpaper 😃

😮 ! THIS THREAD STARTED AS FOR DESKTOP WALLPAPERS but since it's been quiet for some time I changed it to wallpapers for devices of any sort, 

desktop, mobile (iPhone / iPAD / Android) etc. So feel free to post your current or favorite Wallpaper / Background for ANY computer or device ! 😉👍


“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

― Plato 😎

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