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How Atari almost had the Sega Genesis


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Historicnerd dives into the story of how Atari almost had the Sega Genesis with a deal that could have pushed Atari back into the forefront of the console wars. Atari under Jack Tramiel was in negotiations with Sega for the worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights (sans Japan) to the Sega Tomahawk, and was effectively responsible for renaming the console "Genesis". A fascinating footnote in classic gaming history. Absolutely worth a watch!


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Very interesting indeed.  But let's be honest...if this had come to pass, Atari would have screwed up the Genesis.  Cheap, cheap, cheap just wouldn't have worked.  Genesis didn't really reach it's stride against Nintendo until the Tom Kalinske era, when they had Sonic and other games that really showed off the system, and their brilliant and risky marketing (Genesis does what Nintendon't, Blast processing, the Sega scream, etc).  With Atari in charge, none of that would have happened, and Nintendo would have killed them. 

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