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Hello fellow Atarians!

Have any of you ever heard of this game?


The reason why I ask is because I found this game at Wal-Mart.  Price tag said $11 but rang up at $5.  No complaints there.  Of course, makes no sense, insert the disc and have to wait for it to install and download the update and included DLC.  I miss inserting a game and being able to play right away.  While at the store looking at the screenshots on the packaging I kept telling myself how much the game reminded me of Mega Man/Rockman.  


Once home I looked up the game.  No wonder it looks like Mega Man...it was done by the same creator.  But I also learned of its troublesome history being a Kick starter project and sounded like it almost never came to be.  

I've only played the first level and I enjoyed it..every bit of it!  I like the game's visuals. I haven't paid much attention to the music yet but I understand the graphics and music can be changed to an 8-bit style.  Gotta try that out sometime! DLC included a character named Ray and related level, package included an art book and double sided poster.  The only thing I wish the art book had was text outlining either character history, stats, or both but the art book is cool.

I ask about this game to see if others here have played it yet?  I'd like to hear their thoughts about it.


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