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Star Wars 9 trailer is out!

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Great teaser in that it took my lack on interest and peeked it quite a bit. I am honestly meh about Star Wars at this point. It's not special anymore to me seeing that we have gotten 364 films since Disney took over. This teaser actually got me excited to know more and MAN!!!!!! Hearing the Emperor cackle made them goose bumps rise like the DARK SIDE!!!!!!! 

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I'm looking forward to taking this ride.

I think it's brilliant to bring back Palpatine (Force Ghost??). Evil connective tissue that will tie together the prequels, original trilogy & now the sequel trilogy. Snoke was such a waste.

Other quick thoughts I have from watching the trailer:

  • Are Rey & Kylo training rather than dueling?
  • I think it's great that all of the new main characters will be together.
  • Seeing what's left of the Death Star 2 (I presume) in the ocean was spectacular.
  • Are they on Endor? Return of the Ewoks??

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