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Sears Arcade II controller issue


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You should probably wait for someone else here to chime in, but I honestly don't recall mine having those bumps.  You probably don't want to shave those off.  If it was me, I'd just get a standard Atari joystick and use that with your adapter. 

My guess as to why the nubs exist is to prevent the usage of the controller on anything but a System 2.  Because the paddle portion would not work on any other machine. 

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Well, I think you need to decide if you want to shave those nubs off or not.  It may lower the value of the controller for some collectors.  Honestly, I'm not sure it would really be compatible beyond just the joystick portion.  Hopefully, you can find someone else that has gone though this here or over at AtariAge.  @Scott Stilphen, do you know more about all this?

Good luck!


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The nubs fit into holes that are in the controller jacks on the 2600 JRs, Sears Video Arcade II, 2800, and 7800 systems, with the intention likely being to make the controller plugs fit more securely in the jacks, to keep them from falling out during use. The same design was also used on the 5200 jacks and controller plugs.  The easy 'fix' to making them fit the older-style jacks is to simply file them down :) 

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