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Is anyone else besides me swept up in James-mania?

In case you haven't heard, the current champ is obliterating the Jeopardy record books. After 9 games, he already owns the top 3 single day earnings records.

He's a machine.

Ken Jennings holds the total earnings record in 74 games. James is on pace to break that record somewhere in the 20 game range.

It's like Jordan, Tiger & Ruth in their primes, all rolled into one.

Here's the first time he broke it (he's done it two more times & I have a feeling he's not done yet):


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He's now up to 11 wins. Some stats:

  • He owns 5 of the Top 7 highest single game winnings in the show's history. (The previous high of $77,000 stood for nearly 10 years.)
  • According to the Jeopardy Hall of Fame, only five other contestants won more money in their regular-season runs than Holzhauer has won in his last THREE games.
  • In terms of a "perfect" show (no incorrect responses), he has the two best rounds ever. 40 for 40 & 39 for 39. The previous record was 35 for 35.

The games aren't very competitive but they are fun to watch.

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That was an impressive attempt by Adam! 

The match before yesterday's, James didn't have a chance at any Daily Double. He survived both attempts. He's going to be very tough to take down.

As for the runner-ups keeping their money, I thought the same thing. Then I read about the reason why they only give $2,000 for second & $1,000 for third. If players were allowed to keep their money, they wouldn't wager as much. Contestants would end up playing it safe with guessing and bidding on Daily Doubles & Final Jeopardy. It would make for a boring game.

Why Does Only The Winner Keep The Cash?

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