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Favorite Boss Battle

Atari 5200 Guy

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I thought I would share something different.  We have favorite everything on here except for favorite bosses and the battles it takes to defeat them.  Out of all the modern games I have tried none get more play time than the Borderlands series in my house.  XBOX sends yearly reports by email on your gaming accomplishments and most played games.  On the 360 for the past 4 years Borderlands 2 has remained the most played game on the console.  And for good reason.  There's lots to do.  And with weapons being random, and while the missions might not change, the weaponry not being the same all the time makes the games different every time.  

After many years of playing games I have to say I found one of my favorite boss battles of all time.  BNK3R.  Image and video below.


I'm not the one playing but it will give you the idea.  What's your favorite boss battle?

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I always have trouble coming up with something when someone asks "What's your favorite/least favorite..." anything.  There's lots of things I like, but I just never can put one thing at the top.  I'd have trouble coming up with a decent list even.

Also, my girlfriend really likes the art style in the Borderlands games, too.  When I was playing them, she'd like watching it and seeing the scenery.  (I mean, she would be doing something else while watching, because there'd be a lot of repetition, but still, she really liked how it looked.)

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