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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie


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1 hour ago, TrekMD said:

I just saw the preview for this.  I'm just shaking my head.  It does have a decent cast, though.

I watched it a few more times and I have to say the tone is 100% spot on!!! I am still 50/50 on it but will go see it regardless. Looks like a fun flick to make a quick cash grab with merchandise and then said away just as fast as it came. 

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They definitely got the 90's vibe going with the music and making Jim Carrey look younger. Hey, remember with he was miscast as a villain in the 90's? (Riddler)  Maybe they're doing that to! That being said, I'll give it a shot when it hits Netflix or Prime.

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This is kind of interesting. I always imagined Robotnik being more menacing, so Jim Carrey's performance just doesn't do it for me in this trailer. I also kind for wish they'd just make an animated movie that's completely CGI. But I can't really judge a movie based on a trailer, so I'll wait for it to actually be released.

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I'm excited about this.  Did anyone else catch the metaphor point to the Sega Genesis?  "Every Hero ... Has A Genesis."  Yep.  They did that.

For what it's worth, Sonic looks amazing.  At least he isn't voiced by Jaleel White.  That annoyed me in the Sonic cartoon series.  I mean it was the same annoying voice as his Family Matters character.  Personally, I felt he missed Sonic's attitude that I was expecting.  At least with this the voice is better.  Almost sounds like the person who voiced him for the Western release of Sonic Adventure.  

I'd watch it just for the hell of it.  We've already had movies based on video games but not a single video game character unless I missed it/them.  Super Mario Bros. counts as two...not one.  And that didn't go over well.  I really hope the Fast & Furious and Sega crew know what they are doing.  I hope we get to see Sonic's origin in this.  CGI would have been better but live action works for me as long as it's done professionally.  I'm still not certain who the hell Carrey is suppose to be.  At the end of the trailer you see a glimpse of I assume Eggman but him and Carrey's character don't really look the same. 

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