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Japanese Atari 2800 System

The Professor

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Take a look at the Atari 2800, this was the Atari 2600 for the Japanese market. It looks like a 7800 though it only plays 2600 games, it's design went on to inspire the 7800 case design with only a few modifications. The Atari 2800 controllers were interesting! They were substantial than the 7800 Pro-Line Controllers, and featured joystick stalks that you could turn to use as Paddle Controllers, and the console itself had four controller ports rather than two.


The 2800 was released in Japan in 1983 with a line of Atari's most successful games. Being released so late into the Japanese market as it did not allow Atari enough time to reach market dominance and by the time it was released in 1983 it competed poorly against the Nintendo Famicom (NES) which was two generations ahead. Still, the Atari 2800 is a unique bit of Atari history and one of the more rare Atari items to collect for. The Atari 2800 was marketed in the United States as the Sears Video Arcade II.








Japanese Atari Commercial






MaximumRD Unboxing Video





Oddball Controller Teardown


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There was a Sears model here in the US that was the same as this, wasn't there?  Sears Video Arcade II. 

I believe you're right and the design was also used for the 7800



I'd never heard of this. I imagine those controllers would work on a 7800, wouldn't mind trying them.

I'm pretty sure they act just like 2600 controllers. They would work for one button games but not two on the 7800.

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Very nice pictures Arenafoot!

unfortunately, all of those 2800 pics are not my collection.....just the few I've seen online


i wonder if the 2800 carts would play on an NTSC VCS/2600? 

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