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Sega Master System For Sale

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For sale is one tested and working Sega Master System.  Following is a completely honest description:

  • Comes with console, one controller, a composite cable, and a not-original power adapter
  • No games included.  I've included a pic of the console playing "Double Dragon" to show the excellent video output.
  • The console has the "snail maze" game built in. 
  • The console has scuffs and scratches.  Stickers have bubbles and wear.  I'd rate the console cosmetic condition as a 5 out of 10. 
  • The console is tested and works perfectly.
  • The controller has wear and feels mushy.  I'd rate the controller condition as a 4 out of 10.  To be frank, I use a Genesis controller as those feel much better to me.
  • I made the power adapter.  The connector has been soldered and has heat shrink tubing.  It works perfectly.

For atari.io members, the price is $50 + shipping (which should be about $10 to most US locations).  Please let me know if you have questions or comments.  Offers are fine.  I have a few extra games I can add if needed.  Thanks!


sms 003.JPG

sms 006.JPG

sms 005.JPG

sms 008.JPG

sms 010.JPG

sms 011.JPG

sms 012.JPG

sms 001.JPG

sms 002.JPG

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