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I was at a Pokemon tournament there the other week and I was looking at the Atari stuff after my battle and one of the kids was leaning on the glass (It is like a fragile and unstable glass box sitting next to the shelves) and it was wobbling and I told him that there was a $400 dollar game in there. He stopped immediately.


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I think it was around '97, I had someone offer me a Beta "Black Lotus" (MTG) in mint condition for $300. I almost bought it but my wife told me I was crazy and I didn't buy it. The lesson here, don't get married!!! LOL, kidding, but man I wish I had that card. Oh yeah, never heard of this game, any idea why it's so expensive?

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Not sure. I referenced the rarity guide on the AtariAge site & it's only a "6" (Rare+) game. Hardly seems that, sealed or not, it would fetch a $350- price. I spy a MINTY CIB (open) copy on eBay right now for about $45. I'd rather have that any day!



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