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Squad Challenge - Shinobi (Sega Master System)

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21 hours ago, RickR said:

The boss that's in my picture above...how do you get by him?  Shoot his exposed face? 

Go to the left and jump over and over until the fireballs get to ya, you should he able to walk under them. Then jump and about half way down shoot the dude in the face. 

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Don’t want to discourage you guys but I just managed to beat my previous highscore.. it’s now 291800 😅

Haven’t been able to beat this boss though, this is like the third time I’ve reached him since I was twelve. Never did beat the game haha

This time I’m playing the game on my GBA with my Sega Master System Classics cart.59B86188-B0E2-4071-BCD3-4F210F0364A3.thumb.jpeg.8e6a0044ea17c887f568f57d13512739.jpeg84648107-D93F-46B6-8D18-E4F8FBDDCC95.thumb.jpeg.eba65fc731082887a04d508121df4ecd.jpegFF0B992D-63C1-49F6-BC56-4234BD6F5C33.thumb.jpeg.64bb1ce2ce7c9650573e842d7fb43c68.jpeg


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28 minutes ago, atarilbc said:

Any tips on defeating Black Turtle? I get to the chopper with around 150K consistently and then die ad soon as those guys start bouncing around.  

I try to stay right in front of the chopper and concentrate more on shooting the ninja’s. In between I try to jump over the missiles and try to hit the front of the chopper as much as I can.

hope it helps! 💪💪💪

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations ThatBuffGamer!


Congratulations @ThatBuffGamer on an awesome score! Shinobi was our 1st Sega Master System Squad Challenge, and our third "Single Life Run" challenge. Guys, these were incredible scores. Seriously, these scores just blew me away, and the amount of enthusiasm in this challenge was palpable. I hope everybody had a lot of fun with this one. ThatBuffGamer achieved the High Score for this Squad Challenge with a score of 291,800. @atarilbc took 2nd Place with 157,450 points, and @Control Issues scored 153,800 points to take 3rd. @RadioPoultry @Atari Creep @nosweargamer and @RickR all showed up with their best. Great game guys! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage ThatBuffGamer to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! 

Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the Atari Lynx! See you there!





1   THAT BUFF GAMER          291,800

2   ATARILBC                           157,450

3   CONTROL ISSUES             153,800

4   RADIO POULTRY                131,200

5   ATARI CREEP                     119,400

6   NO SWEAR GAMER             97,450

7   RICKR                                    93,300




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3 hours ago, RickR said:

@ThatBuffGamer, great score.  You are the Shinobi Master.

I do want to ask about that GBA.  Looks like you got a replacement screen?  Looks great!  I'd love to know the details of that upgrade.  Did you do it yourself?  Was it difficult?

Thank you very much sir! 😄

About the GBA, thanks I modded it myself 😇

I got me a AGS-101 screen on Ebay out of China for €30,-. You can also get them now from either Deadpan Robot in the UK and if I’m not mistaken also from Handheld Legend in the US.

You do have to solder a wire for power and that is a little tricky due to the very small solderpoint but with a little patience you’ll probably can do it no problem!

One thing: before you buy the screen, be sure to check wether you need the included ribbon cable to be 32-pin or 40-pin. You can do this by removing the battery cover on your GBA. You’ll see a number on the mother board. For a 32-pin it will start with “1” and for a 40-pin it will start with a “0”.

As for the shell, you have to modify the front somewhat by cutting some plastic so it’ll fit but it’s an easy enough job. 💪😎


To all of you, it was a lot of fun, thanks for pushing me with those awesome scores!

This game is one of the first Master System games I owned. Never managed to beat it, even now I didn’t make it past Mandara. Looks like you almost HAVE to beat the game with 1 life because if you die in the later levels and you lose your powerups.. it’s game over very fast. Tips from anyone who did beat the game?

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