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Star Trek: Picard


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14 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

He's supposed to be with The Traveler but, who knows?

I said this exact thing earlier. He'll just tell himself, in-universe Wesley is with the Traveler learning advanced maths and exploring infinite planes of existence...it just wouldn't make sense...in-universe. Right guys? 😉

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2 hours ago, TrekMD said:

He was in the Riker/Troi wedding in Nemesis but that scene was cut.  So, I guess he wasn't there. 

Probably because it wouldn't work in-universe. 😉

Why serve in Engineering on the Titan after learning the secrets of the Traveler?

And is Nemesis canon? 😀

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I think Jean-Luc's robot powers will emerge, turning him into a massive semi-truck transformer.  In truck form, he'll grab Q and twist him into a literal Q shape and hold him there until he sets things right.

We can be honest amongst friends right?  Can we agree to at least HTML-Hide the speculations?  It's ruining the f-ing show for my petty-@ss.  



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