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I'm sharing a few pictures from a road trip to Seattle, which is about 150 miles north of my home in Portland.  We went to visit our second son, who is attending school up there.

We visited a thriving mall (SouthCenter) that had an actual open Sears, and a crazy Japanese store that sold really cool t-shirts (I got a Super Mario shirt).

Downtown Seattle is built on a steep hill, and to explore, you'll go up and down TONS of stairs.  Stairs, stairs, and more stairs.  That leaves you with a guaranteed souvenir:  sore legs.  But it's clean air and good exercise!  We saw a Pixar orchestra concert, which was sweet.  Cruise ships and tall buildings galore.  What a beautiful place. 



Seattle 001.JPG

Seattle 003.JPG

Seattle 006.JPG

Seattle 010.JPG

Seattle 012.JPG

Seattle 015.JPG

Seattle 016.JPG

Seattle 018.JPG

Seattle 019.JPG

Seattle 020.JPG

Seattle 025.JPG

Seattle 032.JPG

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Those are really cool pictures.  Sears?  Still in business???  That's a treasure find in itself.  I've never left the midwest but for some reason some of the areas you took pictures of look familiar to me.  I know there's a Ferris Wheel in GTA IV and V but I think those areas were based on California and Nevada areas.  I could be wrong.  Still would be nice to see.  I have family in Washington state but I have no clue where these days.

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VERY COOL photos @RickR!! I thought the "Pixar In Concert" photo was especially cool :wreck-it-ralph: I love when others share photos of their vacations, road trips etc. with us and take us along on their adventures! We're a smaller community here and cool things like this help us get to know each other better. I hope you had a fun time and enjoyed time with your son ☺️

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