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Boxing/Unboxing Video of My Shipment to MaximumRD


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I recently sent a package to my friend Rob aka MaximumRD. This is a boxing video I made when I packed everything up to ship off to Rob, posted alongside Rob's video of unboxing the package and his reaction to everything I sent.


You can view Rob's profile here: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/user/15-maximumrd/

and check out his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaximumRD


I met Rob through the YouTube gaming community a number of years ago and he's been a good friend ever since. He's seriously the nicest person you'd ever meet in gaming. He provided some of the inspiration for my creating this website. Rob sent me a very generous package of TurboGrafx-16 games a while back, and I've been meaning to put together a package to ship back to him in return. I actually have three different shipments that I'll be sending Rob's way, this is the first.


I wanted to wait to post this so it would still be a surprise for Rob to unbox everything. I tried to put a bit of thought into the things I was sending him as I wanted him to enjoy everything and for the items to be meaningful in some way. I hope you enjoy the videos  ^_^




BEFORE: My Boxing Video for my Shipment to MaximumRD







AFTER: MaximumRD Unboxing What I Sent


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Awesome Justin, I just watched your video!  Wow, those repro CX-40 Joysticks look great!  I was discouraged, a friend of mine & myself were talking about the planned rebuild of a bunch of "junk" CX-40s at our Commodore Meeting last Sunday, and he informed me that Best (a local Atari parts house) is now out of stock on some of the parts, with others (handle) on a strict 1-item per customer (not per order)!  Once I get my gaming/computer "museum" up & running, I'll probably have to get a bunch of those. :)

My YouTube Channel: youtube.com/arcadedude44

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Great and very sincere video for somebody who is officiously a genuine and decent person, Rob purchased both my Atari magazines to show support for the indie dev and for one I wish to thank, a great all round guy and although I've never met him, I know and can see he's a top bloke and always feel connected when I watch his video.





Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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That's so COOL Rob! It's so great to see you excited about that coaster! My best friend Jon worked very hard on that. He just joined the forums last week, I hope he sees this and feels appreciated. Maybe there will be more coasters to come!

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