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Atari VCS Update

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Hey Atarians!

I just got a message showing off the official controllers for the upcoming Atari VCS console.  Take a look.


To say I'm excited would be far from accurate.  While I like the design of the modernized 2600 joystick we all have come to know and love I question the modern controller and the company behind both controllers.  This is where I hop on a rampage train to explain the couple of reasons why I don't like these ideas.

For starters, PowerA is a third-party company that makes accessories for modern-day gaming consoles.  Their designs are close to the original hardware but lack in original hardware quality.  I've owned five PowerA controllers for 360 and XBOX One and none of them have lasted more than a month.  Every PowerA controller I've owned has simply refused to respond after a while for no visual or obvious reasons.  My experience with their controllers has made me turn a cheek to their products in search of another manufacturer with a product as budget-friendly as PowerA's stuff but with better quality.

My second issue is with the modern controller most would recognize...if you own or have ever seen a XBOX One controller.  The Atari VCS modern controller has most features that the standard issue XBOX One controller is best known for right down to the position of the Back, Power, and Start buttons.  The only real differences are the design of the D-Pad and the face plate surrounding the D-Pad and right analog stick as well as the orange-colored left analog stick and right analog trigger.  The rest is ripped right off of the XBOX One controller design.  The Atari message I got said the developers felt that the modern controllers currently available were so good that they felt there was no need to change that design.  Ummm...OK?  I guess.

Now we are the meat of this whole design idea.  The current Atari was not shy about sending out C&D letters to those making homebrewed games for classic Atari consoles and computers.  But it looks like they are not afraid to do what those homebrewers have been doing all along to some extent and copying another company's controller design.  If Microsoft doesn't step up and send Atari a C&D letter I will be surprised.  Maybe there are enough changes to avoid such a thing from happening.  Time will tell.  I agree that it the XBOX controller design is one my favorite and most comfortable controllers I've ever put in my hands.  I am only questioning Atari's flair for sending out C&D letters when they could very well receive one of their own. 

If it sounds like I'm bashing this thing I'm not.  I've lost interest in the product long ago.  The only good thing I've seen is the new joystick...everything else has been questionable.  I lost all interest when I discovered the company that was going to be manufacturing the controllers, a company that I've had nothing but bad experiences with.

Now...what are your thoughts?  Have I jumped the gun on my way of thinking about the modern controller and the company behind them?  Let the comments rip away.  One thing I need to express is that I understand the modern controller design.  It would work best for those that have difficulties using the standard 2600 joystick design.  I am just questioning and expressing my thoughts on the controller company and the obviously copying of another company's controller design.  That's it.

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