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NEW Wii PreOrders????

Atari Creep

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@Atari Creep @nosweargamer


I tried to order one but had trouble ordering. It would not let me complete my order when I went to pay. As soon as I saw Atari Creep's video and post in here tipping us off I went over and tried to order one. I thought they'd be sold out right away.

Can anyone confirm that they are actually Sold Out? The page disappeared for a few days and would redirect you, but I never saw it actually say "Sold Out". Usually in an online store like this, the product page will remain up and will say "Quantities limited" or "This item is currently Sold Out." I tried the link again today and found...

That link is ACTIVE as a pre-order for Dragon Quest Builders 2 for Nintendo Switch.

Interesting to note that it's 1.) the same manufacturer (Nintendo) 2.) the same link in the Dell store, 3.) the same pre-order product price of $59.99 and 4.) the same "Get it by" date in mid-July. Hmm 🤔 ...makes you wonder if there never was a Nintendo Wii shipment in the first place, and someone at Dell made a mistake when trying to enter the Dragon Quest Builders 2 pre-order.

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A brand new Wii would be a nice find.  

Wanna know a neat trick?  Google Chrome, and probably some other browsers, have a way to see the code that makes up the webpage.  It's a good way to see links that might be questionable.  On Chrome this is called Developer tools and is accessed by pressing CTRL+Shift+I.  Use it to double check links on sites that might not be legit.  

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