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Ouya shutting down

Atari Creep

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I missed Ouya completely.  I never knew about it until about six months ago.

As for the Ataribox I fear it may not even see the light of day.  I don't wish any ill will of the system but it has taken almost a year alone just to get controllers finalized, and one of them is almost an exact copy of a current-gen controller already on the market.  They changed some things on it but the skeleton of the controller was not changed.  

INTV Amico I hope doesn't catch the same bug.  That is the one I'm watching closely.  For both companies to try to revamp systems and brands that our generation of gamers recognize and have fond memories of the Amico so far seems to be doing things right ... but it's taking a long time.  At least it seems more interesting personally.

There's also another product coming out soon that has my interest.  Check out My Arcade's latest NES/Famicom portable.


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