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E3 2019

Atari 5200 Guy

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I'm all for seeing more info on whatever XBOX is planning to show us.  I'm taking an interest in what Gearbox is going to show about Borderlands 3.  There are rumors going around that Gearbox is going to release a new DLC for Borderlands 2 during E3 that will explain events leading up to Borderlands 3.  I hope the DLC is true.  Borderlands 2 has remained my top played game on XBOX since its release in 2012.  At least that's what those XBOX newsletters keep saying.  Its the only game on the console my wife likes to play and the only one we play together spiritually.  We've beat the game so many times but with every play thru we keep finding things we missed before.  I only wish I knew if Gearbox was planning a streaming event while at E3.  So far I have not seen them on the schedule.

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E3 XBOX Streaming starts tomorrow!  What I'm excited about is Gearbox being present.  As I've mentioned before Gearbox is suppose to be releasing a new DLC for Borderlands 2.  It was originally just a rumor but Steam leaked the DLC a couple of days ago.  The DLC was said to be free on PC...I'm only hoping it carries over to the consoles as well.  It would be stupid not to give consoles the DLC.  More will be mentioned on their Twitch channel tomorrow during the E3 show.  It starts at 2 PM USA Central Time.  I've already got Gearbox and XBOX live feed webpages up and waiting.  XBOX briefing starts at 3PM USA Central Time.  I'm all "geared" up and ready to go!

For Borderlands 3: https://www.twitch.tv/borderlands

For XBOX fans: https://mixer.com/Xbox?vod=105264996

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