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Amazing 3-D Printed Robotron: 2084 Controller for Atari 7800!


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22 hours ago, TrekMD said:

Hot damn!  That is just awesome!  Will he be selling these?

Yes. He wants to work on the case a bit more and tweak a few things but they will be for sale.

Here are other controllers he makes, great stuff.


Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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So after talking with him and making my video, Mike has decided he is going to make some of these available. I am not sure when exactly nor how many but I would keep an eye on his eBay store and or his twitter pages if you are interested in one.




In the meantime, here are a few updated images!!!


NOTE, That is a test print for the decal. He has professional high quality decals on the way for the controllers. 


Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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Hi Guys - thanks so much for the support and kind words.

I finally got around to joining the forums - just wanted to provide you a brief update on this project - I have a few of the Robotron controllers available here: retrogameboyz.com - it's just my eBay listings. I have lots of parts and try to assemble a few each day.


Check my feedback and let me know what you think. I offer 30 day free returns if you are unsatisfied for any reason, so you can't lose. Even if you want to try it out and decide that it's not exactly what you wanted etc. I have sold about 700 controllers since March 2018. I constantly improving things and making different configurations. I recently started 3D Printing others some as those I have sold to wanted more customization. I do take requests as well.

I am on v3 of the case and v1.2 of the boards - so far the units I have tested seem promising.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again!

Here is the Robotron controller Demonstration:


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@RetroGameBoyz - I received my controller yesterday and was able to put some time on it today.  I'm really impressed.  This is a terrific controller. 

To other users - if you're interested and are sitting on the fence, go for it.  

I also shared my impressions in a blog post here.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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