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Konami making TurboGrafx Mini!

Control Issues

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Whoa!  This changes things a LOT.  Konami?  Is there any more information than the video?  I hope Konami puts some their own titles on this console.  If it doesn't have Salamander/Life Force and Gradius II I will be disappointed.  I'd still be interested in this.  I just hope it doesn't disappoint like PlayStation did.

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2 minutes ago, kamakazi20012 said:

Whoa!  This changes things a LOT.  Konami?  Is there any more information than the video?

Haven't seen much yet.  There are a few stories floating around, but that's about all I've seen.  Will try to find video of the actual announcment.  They also mentioned 5 players, so a turbo tap included?

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4 hours ago, Control Issues said:

I will be... if this turns out like the Playstation one... but then, it seems that people are really making these more exciting and desirable after hacking them to put more games on them.

The only ones I would want from shack would be the Map titles we didn't get.


25 minutes ago, Justin said:

It looks like it has TWO controller ports :wreck-it-ralph:

You seen that, too?

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Full line up announced!  Looks like both the NA and Japanese versions will be getting the same games.  Not sure on European version as I haven't really looked into it much and the news is still new.

A couple of problems, though...  Seems that it will have both TG and PCE versions of Dungeon Explorer, Neutopia I and II, and Y's Book I & II.  Why?  That's wasted space in NA as 99% of people are only going to play one or the other.  Also, there's a few games that are missing that people are already complaining about.  No Splatterhouse.  No Gate of Thunder.  No Legendary Axe games.  I think Konami could have done better by eliminating the doubles and adding in those other games.  But, they didn't ask me.  lol

Also, Snatcher is here, but... will it be translated?  If not, more wasted space for the NA version.

On the plus side, that all means that we will be getting the excellent Castlevania Dracula X Rondo of Blood.


TG-16 games:

  • Air Zonk
  • Alien Crush
  • Blazing Lazers
  • Bomberman ‘93
  • Bonk’s Revenge
  • Cadash
  • Chew-Man-Fu
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • J.J. & Jeff
  • Lords Of Thunder
  • Military Madness (Nectaris)
  • Moto Roader
  • Neutopia
  • Neutopia II
  • New Adventure Island
  • Ninjaspirit
  • Parasol Stars
  • Power Golf
  • Psychosis
  • R-Type
  • Soldier Blade
  • Space Harrier
  • Victory Run
  • Ys Book I&II

PC-E games:

  • Akumajō Dracula X Chi No Rondo (Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood)
  • Aldynes
  • Appare! Gateball
  • Bomberman ‘94
  • Bomberman Panic Bomber
  • Chō Aniki
  • Daimakaimura (Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts)
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire
  • Gradius (Nemesis)
  • Gradius II – Gofer No Yabō (Nemesis II)
  • Jaseiken Necromancer
  • Nectaris (Military Madness)
  • Neutopia
  • Neutopia II
  • Ninja Ryūkenden (Ninja Gaiden)
  • PC-Genjin (Bonk)
  • Salamander
  • Snatcher
  • Star Parodier (Fantasy Star Soldier)
  • Super Darius
  • Super Momotarō Dentetsu II
  • Super Star Soldier
  • The Kung Fu (China Warrior)
  • Ys I&II
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Another thought...

JJ & Jeff is on there, which is good for Japanese players.  In Japan it was Kato chan and Ken chan, a licensed game based on a television show.  With the unlicensed TurboGrafx version on there, Japanese players can play it without Konami having to pay the license. 

Saw this point on discord, so I can't take credit for thinking of it myself.

Edit:  Instead of "unlicensed TurboGrafx version", I should say, the "license-free TurboGrafx version".  lol... it's not like it's some bootleg game or a Wisdom Tree kind of thing...

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Also, looks like seven more games were added... haven't looked that closely at it yet, but the "big" news is that Splatterhouse is one of the additions.


I never personally liked Splatterhouse... didn't like the controls, the jumping seemed sluggish, and level design seemed boring to me.  Would have much rather had Legendary Axe...

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On 7/28/2019 at 5:57 AM, kamakazi20012 said:

Mmm.  I wonder if the PCE version will play here in the USA?  It has the games I was hoping would be on the TG-16.

All variants of this mini will have the same games on them. So even the US Turbo Mini will have those games. It is really too bad that they didn't at least try and translate Snatcher though. Not like they don't have a decent translation already with the Sega CD version?! I actually own the PCE version of Snatcher in my collection, but that was only because it was way more affordable than the SCD version.

I haven't pre-ordered for this yet because I have pretty much all of these games physically that I can play on my TurboDuo that is part of the always connected consoles that I have connected up. But if it ends up being hackable like most of these others have been thus far, then that is a whole other can of worms completely. Because while I really enjoy my TG-16/PCE games collection and systems, I'm not nearly as attached to them as I am my Atari and Sega collections. I could see me unloading my turbo/pce collection at that point because there is quite a bit of value in the games and systems.


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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On 7/28/2019 at 3:51 PM, DCG said:

every retro console seems to be getting a mini re-release these days no matter how obscure they are these days.  It's great to see so much interest in classic systems other than the standard Nintendo retro consoles.

I loved the TG-16 when I had one back in the day.  It was a sleek console and I loved the controller.  NEC seemed to copy a tried and true controller design, one most gamers would be familiar with, and slapped on turbo switches for both fire buttons as a way to say, "Take THAT Nintendo!"  I was just stuck with the one game that came with the system and Keith Courage, while I played it often, was simply not that impressive of a game.  Somewhat fun but left a LOT to be desired out of a system that was touting it was 16-bit in most ads and catalogs.  Keith Courage just seemed too 8-bit-ish.  Only in the past few years did I learn of the PCE and the games it got wondering why in the hell didn't they bring some of THOSE games over here?  I believe it would have made a difference.  I also believe they should have stuck with the smaller design of the PCE and did the color scheme we got.  Size doesn't always matter, the PCE is proof of that.

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Okay, lots of things have happened...   release dates being pushed back because of Coronavirus/COVID-19, people buying through Amazon Japan, complaints about audio lag, and now it looks like they are out of them?  Amazon no longer is offering them from Konami at the original $100 asking price.  They only have them available through 3rd party sellers at twice original MSRP.  So, if you don't already have one, you're gonna pay more now.  Which sucks.  Mainly because... I still don't have one.  I really need to learn to pull the trigger faster on something that I'm interested/excited in.  lol

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