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Positive Online Experiences

Atari 5200 Guy

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In short, this post is to share any positive online experiences you may have had.  It could be anything from helping a family or friend get that extremely hard achievement or simply knocking it out of the park in a free-for-all bash with some of your online friends.  Whatever the experience was, if it was positive, I'd like to hear about it.  It can be difficult to trust people you have never met face to face in an online world where anything can happen.  Hopefully this post will open the door to create a positive online gaming experience where other gamers here, and elsewhere, can expand their friendlist of online gamers who share the same enthusiasm and spirit that makes online gaming a source of entertainment.  

My personal experiences have been with my brother-in-law.  Since owning a 360 and obtaining a Gold account we have played loads of games together online.  We beat the tar out of everyone in Saint's Row the Third, battled an alien race in Saint's Row IV, kicked butt in Crackdown, battled our way through hordes of enemies in Halo and Gears, took out WW II enemies in Sniper Elite 2, 3, and 4...and built some incredible structures in Minecraft.  We also explored deep into Terraria's underground areas and fought Handsome Jack in Borderlands.  Actually, all three Borderlands games.  My gamer score was only in the 2,000s when I started...it's now sitting at 34,000.  Playing games solo is great but when you can dig deep into games with another player often times you can help each other out discovering parts of a game that might have otherwise been missed.  

So, what have been your positive gaming experiences?  Do you play online at all and if so on what platform?  What's your favorite game to play online?  Also, maybe someone here who plays online might be willing to add you as an online friend.  Sharing of gamertags might not be a bad idea but not required.

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Pretty much all of my online experiences have been positive when it comes to gaming.

  • It started with SOCOM 2 on the PS2 in 2003/04. Some buddies from my former place of employment & fantasy football league mates told me about how they play SOCOM online & how much fun it is. It WAS fun & is probably the pinnacle of my gaming experience (future blog post???). We've been chasing that "SOCOM" feeling ever since & is the main reason why I love PUBG so much. The core group of guys I play with online daily now are from this group. (Plus another friend I've know for 31 years now).
  • In addition to hanging out with my IRL friends, I've also met other friends on different forums that I've played online with. I have a friend in Scotland, one in Seattle, Detroit & a few other places. We don't play that often, but I consider them true friends & we communicate via social media & text often.
  • Because I keep my communications settings on XBL locked down (only friends can send me messages), I don't receive any messages from trolls, so my experience has been nothing but positive. (Thanks Microsoft!)

My XBL gamertag is StormSurge. I'm not sure what my Switch friends code is, but I'll look it up (although you'll rarely find me there). Add me on XBL!

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