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The Twilight Zone (2019) thoughts


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So I'm a few episodes into the new Twilight Zone reboot and just wanted to see if anyone else has seen it too? If so what are your thoughts on it so far.

So far it's the first season and it has 10 episodes. It has Jordan Peele playing the host/ narrator 

I'll start off with my thoughts. Well the first thing that stands out is these episodes are really really political and really in your face about it too. But I do like a few of the episodes. In one of the episodes there is a crew headed to Mars and how they handle the trip there. The space episodes were always my favorite of the original series. This one didnt feel quite as good but it wasnt horrible. 

So has anyone else seen it or plan to watch it? 

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3 minutes ago, StormSurge said:

I don’t have CBS All Access, but I’m interested. I haven’t checked out the free episode on YT yet, but I’m planning on it. 

I'm watching it on showbox. Apparently with CBS all access there is an option to watch the episodes in black and white. But sadly showbox doesnt have this option.

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I will reply by pasting just what i said to some friends in Messenger as well in Facebook, keep in mind I was a HUGE fan of the original and pretty much seen every episode and some multiple times:


I kept expectations low and really tried to like...we watched the first 6 episodes but NOPE....the new Jordan Peele Twilight Zone....not doing it for me, too hit or miss and really they are mostly just modern takes on the same old stories only not as good....

Maybe for a modern generation who is unfamiliar with the source material it can be enjoyed more, I don't know, I was hoping / expecting more originality, I am all for fan service and even appreciate it and no they are not the exact same stories but being the huge fan I am of Serling's original tales having seen each episode more than once I definitely could read between the lines and see the episode they were reflecting in each new episode for the most part. I didn't expect Peele or really anyone to have the presence for the short host segments at the start / finish of every episode but I had hoped the episodes themselves to be more entertaining, again maybe it is more enjoyable for those unfamiliar with the original but I suspect long time true fans will not see this as a worthy successor or tribute, I would personally rather have watched pretty much any given original episode over any of these new ones. But I truly wanted to give it a fair shake before voicing an opinion, since each episode is pretty much self contained I think 6 episodes is a fair shake.

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