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BioShock - Personal Progress

Atari 5200 Guy

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Well, I was going to save this game for a Let's Play video series on my YouTube channel but I just couldn't stay away from it.  It would have made for a great video series but I simply HAD to play the game.  It has been on my want list for a very long time now.  Be warned that this post may contain spoilers for those who have never played the game before.

Brief Explanation

No...this is not an explanation of the game but rather how I came about the BioShock series.  One of the free Games with Gold from XBOX was BioShock Infinite.  I immediately loved the game for its antiquated artistic appeal and the story quickly grabbed my attention.  I played the game for a while but never finished it because of another Games with Gold title that came next and became one of my favorite games on the console...Borderlands.  But that didn't keep me from wanting to hunt down the first BioShock games in the series.  I was curious if the story in all BioShock games in the series were interconnected somehow.  So this is my first time playing the original BioShock game.

Current Progress

I just finished the first two levels, took down my first Big Daddy (mechanical looking machines protecting what appears to be a possessed child).  These things protect a child (called Little Sisters) and in order to get to the child you have to destroy the Big Daddy protecting them.  Once you can get to the child you have the option of "harvesting" them or "rescuing" them.  If you harvest them you get more stuff called ADAM, rescuing them you get less.  ADAM is the only source used for getting upgrades.  Without it you might as well call it quits. 


The Big Daddy protecting the child had already been destroyed as part of the story.  I had the difficult choice of saving or harvesting my first Little Sister.  If I was to harvest the child the child would die.  Poor child was running away and hiding from me in a corner behind a counter.  Whether in a game or not it's still a child or the portrayal of a child...I simply couldn't harvest as much as I would have loved the extra amount of upgrades.  So I saved her.

I was then greeted with a second Little Sister.  This one was still protected by her Big Daddy.  The fight was on!  A simple shot of Shock EVE (will explain another time) and a few shotgun blasts took him out.  The child was mine!  Again, I couldn't do it...so I saved her as well.  I'm now on the third level.

Current Thoughts of the Game

I have to admit that compared to BioShock Infinite, which bright and full of light, this one seems a bit more dark and sinister.  Nothing like what I was expecting.  The difference between the two is easily night and day.  It does have its scary moments that have made me jump.  Nothing like trying to explore an area or solve a puzzle only to turn around and be greeted by an enemy trying to take your head off.  Controls are still taking me a while to get use to as well but I am enjoying the artistic style of the game.  Ammo is a mixed bag...for some weapon types it has been easy to find, for others it seems to be scarce.  I will post more as I progress.  But so far I am enjoying the game.  Maybe I ought not to play it in a dimly lit room?  So far it's been hard to put down.  I'm always wanting to see what's around that next corner.

Final Progress & Thoughts

I beat the game after a week's worth of playing averaging about 2 to 3 hours per day.  What started out as a dark and sinister adventure ended up being a plot twist that I did not see coming.  Quite possibly the best story line I've seen in a game in a long time.  My only issue with the game was the limitation on the ammo even after upgrades.  Everything consumable in this game should be used as sparingly as possible.  The puzzles, while some were tough, were not overly complicated.  Controls did take some getting use to after being use to a different layout in another FPS game but worked rather well.  The end boss was a site to behold.  I bet I stood there for about a minute studying it.  Some crazy stuff for sure.  Very much an original story from start to finish.  The ending was OK if not short.  It could have been a bit more drawn out in my opinion.

What really surprised me was the connection between the Little Sisters and the Big Daddy characters.  As the story unfolded this important connection became clear.  What I had seen as difficult enemies turned out to be one of the best plot twists in a video game I've ever seen, period.  I'm trying really hard not to give away too much.  It's actually difficult.  I don't want to spoil for others who have not played this game yet.  This is one game I will be visiting again.  I know I won't be as blown away the second time around but I know enough now that I should be able to explore areas I missed in previous locations.  Bring on BioShock 2!


I've looked at images of the cover artwork for the packaging to this game for years now.  Only when I had a physical copy of the game in my hands did I notice that there was a child standing to the left of Big Daddy.  I've had the game for a few days now.

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Added Final Thoughts
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I never thought of it as having levels... at least not in the traditional sense.  It's not an open world, it's pretty linear, but it never felt like I went from level to level.... more like I just continued a story.  It's been a while since I played, though, so I might have to go through it again to see if it feels like there are distinct levels.  Maybe it does and the design was just good enough to blur them a bit.


I do really like the art style in the game.  The kinda 20's art deco stuff was really a change from most FPS style games, I thought.  And the sound when you hear the Big Daddies was always kinda chilling.  The game has a great ambiance.


My first time I tried playing it... I kinda soft locked myself.  I got to a point and didn't have enough ammo to fight the baddies I was supposed to go through.  I set it down, frustrated, and didn't return for a while.  Then came back later and started a new game and I guess tweaked my gameplay somehow and pretty much went start to finish.


I also couldn't harvest the little sisters.  lol... just couldn't do it.  

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Made it through Neptune's Bounty (3rd area) and, again, I rescued all the Little Sisters there.  But there was a fourth one not protecting a child (I think it was called "Rosie").  Caught me completely by surprise.  And I've learned in that area just how quick the tables can turn.  I also don't really like the camera aspect because as soon as I snap a picture of any enemies I want to start shooting and forget to change weapons. I'm also carrying more upgrades than I can equip.  This game is unforgiving but not too bad.  I'm now starting Smugglers' Hideout.

Also, I did some research on BioShock 2 should anyone reading this post take interest in the series.  I located the original launch trailer to BioShock 2.

I think I might have to locate BioShock 2.

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I played this series on the PC a long time ago.  While I did like it, I got really frustrated (like you) at the lack of ammunition.  And the "Circus of values" things -- I got so sick of that sound bite after a while. 

I think this is a game that really explains why I don't do "modern gaming" at all on PS4 or XBox One (or even PS3/360)...the PC versions of games totally kick butt in most cases with far superior controls.  Even "Halo" (an XBOX game) is a lot more fun on the PC IMO just because the mouse/keyboard control system is so much more accurate and natural.  Maybe it's just FPS games I guess.


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Well, I took a break for dinner (which was difficult) but I have to say I can see why this game is a favorite among gamers...it even made Metal Jesus' top 10 list of favorite 360 games.  I'm enjoying the story, enemies are not so bad at the moment, puzzles not too difficult to figure out.  But, again, it doesn't reward the player very well or if you pick the wrong thing when you get the chance to upgrade/purchase something you're pretty much screwed.  And more Rosies are roaming around more often now.  Those orbs you can throw to make those things turn to your side are a joke.  I have thrown countless orbs at them and they have not worked...yet.  

As far as current progress...I just collected distilled water and other items to make some sort of chemical to spray on some trees.  I'm now on my way forward...hopefully.  I still have one more child to save in Arcadia which I'm now hunting down.  My favorite gun was the shotgun because I was finding ammo for it constantly.  Now I'm about out and have not found any in this area without buying them...and money I ran out of buying pistol ammo for a back-up.  I'm still enjoying the game but, dang, I thought Ark on XBOX One was unforgiving (which it is...you can get killed without warning and while in your home base by a roaming dinosaur) but this one doesn't give enough ammo for some of the basic weapons.  I did pick up some kind of a flame thrower and equipped a wasp EVE.

Even with all of the issues I'm having with ammo I'm still enjoying the game and I have to admit that it is starting to become a favorite on the 360...but Borderlands still takes the top.  And I played FPS games on a PC back in the 386 days but not without my Gravis Gamepad.  I simply couldn't do it with a keyboard.  That drove me nuts.  I'll stick with a game controller.  I can at least map buttons sometimes to my liking.  And since I have the game muted I'm not hearing the vending machines in this game.  I keep it muted because of wife's TV so she can hear her programs.  I do have subtitles turned on, though, so I can at least read the story.  

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OK...holy crap this game just got an increase in difficulty.  I'm in the Fort Frolic area, trying to kill these three whoever to put their picture on some sculpture.  I find my first Big Daddy with a Little Sister...except these are not the usual run-of-the-mill Big Daddies...these are called Elite Bouncers and are more quicker and more fierce than before.  The first one knocked me around for a while until I figured out ways to avoid most of their attacks.  I saved all three Little Sisters before I found all three of the guys I'm suppose to kill.  Each one just appeared right after I would kill one.  I'm use to hunting them down.  So far I've not missed one yet.

On 6/15/2019 at 12:19 AM, RickR said:

I think this is a game that really explains why I don't do "modern gaming" at all on PS4 or XBox One (or even PS3/360)...the PC versions of games totally kick butt in most cases with far superior controls.  Even "Halo" (an XBOX game) is a lot more fun on the PC IMO just because the mouse/keyboard control system is so much more accurate and natural.  Maybe it's just FPS games I guess.

I tried playing FPS games on my 386 with just a keyboard...no mouse...with Wolfenstein 3D and just could not do it at all.  The whole WASD thing is just not programmed into my left hand.  When I got a mouse I tried that and could not get the coordination right at all.  I tried using the arrow keys and that helped but, let's face it, back then those keyboards were not designed for playing games for hours on end.  I destroyed my first keyboard playing Wolfenstein 3D from too much button mashing.  There had to be a better way. 

So when I was in the market for a Sound Blaster sound card I found a package deal.  It came with a Gravis GamePad and a copy of a game of which I forget what it was now.  Once I got that gamepad...that was it...I refused to play games any other way.  Although not too long ago I tried to play Medal of Honor on one of my gaming laptops using a keyboard and touchpad and it wasn't too bad but my hands started to get sore spots from the palms rubbing on the palm rest portion of the computer.  I ended up finding a way to connect an original XBOX controller I wasn't using to that laptop through USB.  I was using that until my gaming laptop's power supply died.

I guess it just boils down to what comes natural to individual players.  For me the game console controllers are more natural to me.  I wouldn't be caught without one.  I also don't get as much fatigue or pain using those.  And as for Halo you ought to see the enhancements they did for the 360 Anniversary release.  That game looks awesome!  But, then again, I like Halo but not a huge fan of it.

On 6/15/2019 at 5:31 AM, StormSurge said:

I also am unable to play a game with a mouse & keyboard. Going back to the Doom, Dark Forces & Heretic days, I needed a joystick. 

  Heretic?  Oh man...that's old school!  That's back when ID/3D Realms was releasing all sorts of FPS games.  Rise of the Triad, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior...man those were good times.  But all those titles coming out is what burned me out on those kinds of games.  I have to admit that Shadow Warrior (the original one) and Wolfenstein 3D were my favorites.  I never did find Spear of Destiny (sequel to Wolfenstein 3D) anywhere but had a shareware demo of it.  Fun times!  Because of FPS games I can't play modern racing/driving games if the car is in front of me.  I have to have the camera set either inside the car or just above the hood...or no car at all works best for me.

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OK...coolest thing just happened.  I seen a Big Daddy knocking on those holes those Little Sisters craw in when you rescue them.  So...I nailed one with a level 2 hypnotize.  The thing is following me around now protecting me.  Way cool!!  How long does it last?  Kinda creepy moving around with an earthquake behind you, though.

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Well...surprise surprise.  Wait...SPOILER ALERT!  If others reading this have not played the game before, and want to discover the game on their own, I would advise skipping this section.  

OK.  I've worked my way from Welcome To Rapture all the way through to Proving Grounds.  I have to say the story took an unexpected twist.  I managed to save all the Little Sisters (earning an achievement!) and I'm now a Big Daddy roaming around.  This game just went from twisted and weird to really awesome!  

OK. Enough talk.  I'm going back to the game now.  

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