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20 Games or Less


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Someone on Instagram created this tag #20gamesorless - the idea is to pick your 20 must haves or less whether they're great games or meaningful in some way. Or what if you were stranded on a deserted island, with power of course, that sort of thing. You can pick games for any console or mix and match systems but I just went straight up with Atari 2600 today... have you even played Atari today? The guy who started the tag went with 2600 too and some of our titles are the same. These are some of my favorites and I would recommend them to newbies. If I were building an Atari Classic Mini these would be in there. What are some of yours?


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Hmm.   This is going to be hard.  So, I'm going to do a couple of scenarios for this.

First scenario.  360 would be my first choice but that console is a power hog and most games I have require an internet connection for a license check.  That's a no-go.  And if we are running on limited power sources, like a battery or something, power consumption has to be considered.  The 2600 would be the one to use the least amount of power in terms of voltage and amps.  I have ran one off of a battery pack decades ago and it lasted about 5 hours.  Given that, and if I am allowed only one console on the trip, the 7800 would be my choice.  It uses the same amount of power plus offers two platforms.  Now the games.

  1. Adventure
  2. Radar Lock
  3. Mountain King
  4. Planet Patrol
  5. E.T.
  6. Jr Pac-Man
  7. Enduro
  8. Space Invaders
  9. Warlords
  10. Space Shuttle
  11. Starmaster
  12. Moon Patrol
  13. RS Volleyball
  14. Centipede
  15. Asteroids (7800)
  16. Joust (7800)
  17. Food Fight (7800)
  18. Galaga (7800)
  19. Dark Chambers (7800)
  20. Solaris

Now, on with scenario two.  If the number of consoles is not important then I would have to pick these:

  1. NES Classic (already has 30 games on it and uses only 5 volts)
  2. Atari 7800
  3. Game Boy Advance
  4. Sega Master System

The NES Classic would have to be my first choice because of the amount of games already on it.  That's a no-brainer.  The 7800 again makes this list to offer a wider variety of Atari games for those times when only an Atari game will do.  Game Boy Advance has to make this list because of its backwards capability to the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color.  And Sega Master System for some classic arcade game play that only Sega can deliver.  Finally, what games would I bring with all these systems:

  1. Out Run
  2. After Burner (SMS)
  3. Asteroids (7800)
  4. Space Invaders (2600)
  5. Radar Lock (2600)
  6. Galaga (7800)
  7. Astro Warrior (SMS)
  8. Jr Pac-Man (2600)
  9. Solaris (2600)
  10. Xevious (7800)
  11. R-Type (SMS)
  12. Super Mario Land (GB)
  13. Alleyway (GB)
  14. Dark Chambers (7800)
  15. Adventure (2600)
  16. Enduro (2600)
  17. Space Harrier (SMS)
  18. Pokemon (Any GB/GBC/GBA Version)
  19. Space Shuttle (2600)
  20. Planet Patrol (2600)

That would be my choices.  I would have taken my 5200, too, but I would need more that 20 games for that one.  The Lynx would go with along with its power adapter.  Jaguar?  Definitely if given the opportunity.  It's too darn difficult to pick just one.  Atari computers most likely not but only because of how much power it would take to run one.  Power would be a rare commodity so any way to preserve it would be top priority.

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These are always fun and are really based on my mood at the time.  This is in no particular order. I took a cross platform approach as I figure the logistics of multiple systems and power do not apply to a fantasy scenario.  The list assumes that I'm by myself which is why it's RPG heavy.  If I'm stranded with someone else, swap out a few of the games for Ikari Warriors (NES), Contra (NES), Wipeout Omega (PS4) and Raiden (Jaguar).

1. Grandia II (DC)

2. Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)

3. Mass Effect (PS3)

4. Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

5. Mass Effect 3 (PS3)

6. Tempest 2000 (Jaguar)

7. Iron Soldier 2 (Jaguar)

8. Rayman (Jaguar)

9. Missile Command 3D (Jaguar)

10. Zero 5 (Jaguar)

11. Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin (DS)

12. B*nQ (7800)

13. Joust (2600)

14. Dig Dug (2600)

15. Ms. Pac-Man (2600)

16. Demon Attack (2600)

17. Moon Patrol (2600)

18. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

19. Witcher 3 (PS4)

20. Einhander (PS1)


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